• 2007 in records

    27 jan. 2008, 22h40m par tom_dissonance

    i figured since we were now a month away from 2007, now would be a suitable time to drop my reflections on a year's music on the people.

    Warning: may contain opinions.
    "Anti-bashing" pussies might find it more productive to go somewhere else.

    Top 10
    El-PI'll Sleep When You're Dead: The most deliberate, forceful, sincere and fucking heartfelt record of the year, when you listen you begin to understand the five-year gap between this and Fantastic Damage. Is it better than the latter? It's a moot point. They're both different and both essential. ISWYD is a ferocious unrelenting broadside against "infected money slobbing pesticrats" where every beat's a banger and every emotion is raw enough to wring hot angry tears. From the adrenalising Mars Volta-starring opener "Tasmanian Pain Coaster", it doesn't let up. Every Weatherman (bar Breeze Brewin') turns up for a guest shot. By the time El and gorgeous Chan "Cat Power" Marshall (who incidentally…
  • 2007 IN MUZAK: Yet Another Retrospective

    29 déc. 2007, 16h51m par Gnac

    This is now a regular feature! The last one was "Another Retrospective" (
    This one has had more effort put in.


    Duntisbourne Abbots Soulmate Devastation Technique
    Ah yes, what better way to start a rundown of this year's notable albums than with a disappointment. Apparently this is too dark for me. It's not boring at all, no. Each track is totally unique, fresh and exciting.
    I can't even pick out a single standout track here, so let's leave it at that.

    Standout tracks: feh.

    Aesop Rock

    None Shall Pass
    Ace is one of the few Hip-hop artists keeping the genre alive for me, which is some feat considering that it died over a decade ago. I was going to have a segue here about how the video for Coffee ties in well with this, but actually, it doesn't. But it is one of the many fine tracks on offer here! 39 Thieves reminds me of how much fellow Def Jux stablemate Mr. Lif needs to get back on track.

  • [NSP] the "None Shall Pass" lyrics journal

    11 sept. 2007, 13h29m par tom_dissonance

    ...after Fast Cars, Danger, Fire and Knives and its amazing lyric book, and since the new El-P booklet came with a full complement of meticulously-presented album lyrics, i had high hopes for Aes abandoning his previously lyric-display-shy ways for new album None Shall Pass and actually giving us a lyric sheet.

    now i've gone and bought the album, there's nary a quote in there, so i'm gonna have to take it upon meself to try and thrash them out. i'm relying on people to correct me if they see bits i've got wrong, as opposed to the usual boring petty internet oneupmanshit of "omfg you n00b loser, i can't believe you thought he said "transverse", it's obviously "transgress!"". any bollocks of that stripe will be deleted (with the corrections taken into account and uncredited) because i'm more interested in trying to compile working versions of the lyrics than proving that some sort of i'm a God of Transcription™ or whatever.