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  • Années d'activité

    2000 – aujourd'hui (17 ans)

Consisting of members V. Orias A. and V.V. Arkames, AD INFERNA is passionate, violent, sexual and addictive. Ad Inferna gives a musical experience in a realm that no other band has ever dared to enter. The debut album "L'Empire des Sens" was released in 2002. In 2009 they released the acclaimed album "Trance:N:Dance", which features 12 tracks including remixes from bands such as Reaper, Soman, Combichrist and Beborn Beton.

In 2010, AD INFERNA signed with American label Nilaihah Records, after gaining a large audience in Europe. Then Ad Inferna continues their evolution with their, 100% electronic album "DSM" co-produced & mastered by Vasi Vallis (Frozen Plasma, Reaper, NamNambulu). DSM is cutting, killer and addicting, and the ultimate tool essential for any DJ. This is an album that takes elements from Electro, Industrial, Metal and Gothic and features stunning vocals.
Following the positive response of DSM, AD INFERNA moved quickly to their next album “There Is No Cure”. This 2011 release departs from DSM and leads us into an album with a much darker and more club oriented feel. “There Is No Cure” takes the listeners through a different journey and incorporates their roots but also embraces the future. The album features Kari Berg (formerly of Ashbury Heights) and Zombie Girl.
DSM Music is really proud to announce the release of AD INFERNA’s forthcoming album “ULTIMUM OMNIUM” the 6th of April 2012. The French electronic psychopaths are back with their filth extreme opus: keep your mind and ears opened for this amazing trip in their deep & dark universe!
Avant-gardist, single & frightening: “ULTIMUM OMNIUM” Is THE Soundtrack of the End of the World.
AD INFERNA decided one more time to push the limits and to make us live by the way the Last Days of Humanity: a dive with no turning back into hard, cruel, sentimental and desperately sensitive world.

With their 6th album called « im mortelle », the french unclassifiable band AD INFERNA unveils an intimistic and very personal part of their soul.
Their trip into space takes us where the reason ends & where the madness begins.
Magic, bewitching, disturbing and so sensual, « im mortelle » won’t leave you indifferent.
Release date : the 7th January 2013 on DSM Records (CD & Digital) PREORDER available at Infrarot & Poponaut.

You are warned: do not try to label them - AD INFERNA has chosen to break down the barriers of musical genres to offer their own musical, visual and thematic style: each production is different and synthesizes their own personal evolution.

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