• AMUC: Foreshadows - The Ghost Of Zero

    30 mars 2012, 5h37m par Lunarsight

    Okay, I have a confession to make. I realize the last time I wrote a journal with any relevant information about AMUC was three years ago.

    On account of this, I am forced to acknowledge that I am absolutely horrible at marketing myself.

    However, I can attest that Alternate Modes Of Underwater Consciousness has been very busy.

    I have this album here that I have been writing piecemeal, hence the name "Piecemeal". It's up to a FULL three tracks so far, and at the rate I'm going, I predict it will be up to full album length by the onset of the next Ice Age in about 15,000 years:

    Feel free to download it for free - what's already there, anyway:


    Additionally, I partake in the RPM Challenge annually - the challenge being to write an entire album in the month of February.

    While these albums typically don't make it to Last FM , if you're curious what they sound like, you can find them here:

    AMUC Albums On Alonetone

  • AMUC: Dead In The Water is released

    22 août 2008, 2h11m par Lunarsight

    I'm proud to announce the release of a new AMUC album, which is either the second or fourth album, depending on how you're counting:

    Dead In The Water

    It's a combination of electronica and ambient, with some of the idiosynchracies of heavier rock. (It uses a LOT of samples -- I have the sample credits listed out over on Soundclick.)

    General themes include rebirth, entrapment, desertion, evolution and damnation.

    Any feedback is appreciated. I had posted the full album on Soundclick, and it wasn't even being noticed.

    (I knew it was a bad sign when I saw the virtual tumbleweed rolling across my page there.)
  • AMUC / Dead In The Water

    1 jan. 2008, 8h09m par Lunarsight

    I have uploaded the title track from Dead In The Water over on Soundclick. It's over seven minutes long, and available for free download.

    It comes across fairly well - an interesting combination of ambient soundscapes and heavier electronica. (It almost teases loud rock here and there.)

    I've included the link below:

    AMUC artist page on Soundclick

    I plan to upload the other tracks to Soundclick as I finish mastering them.

    Once the entire album is mastered, I'll also post it to Last FM in its entirety.

    (Feedback is always appreciated - Jeskola Buzz is a buggy nightmare to work with, so if you hear something that sounds wrong, let me know. I think I caught most of it, but by the fiftieth listen in one day, you start to get a little desensitized to it all.)

  • Alternate Modes Of Underwater Consciousness

    26 nov. 2007, 1h53m par Lunarsight

    I'm still working on a new AMUC album. My plans are ultimately to release it for free on Jamendo, as well as making the tracks freely available here.

    This is a far cry different from the album I did for the RPM Challenge. That one was done in a month, but I am not comfortable releasing in its entirety. Some of the tracks just feel unfinished or unrefined. I'm going to revisit this material at some point - just not yet.

    The album I'm currently working on is called Dead In The Water. I've been working on it for most of last year. The songs are largely complete - I have a little over fifty minutes worth of material.

    It will probably end up being an hour, when all is said and done. I usually do end up writing a song at the last second.

    When you start the mastering process, you HAVE to write a last minute song, or you'll go mad. There's only so much mastering a musician can stand. It's definitely the least fun part of the process - adding drum fills, fixing transitions, tweaking levels, re-recording vocals
  • New Connection: AMUC

    18 nov. 2006, 10h39m par irchs

    Lunarsight said:
    I'd like to vouch for Alternate Modes Of Underwater Consciousness being added to the artists list here. It's me horsing around with synthesizers and whatever else I can find. The end results are pretty varied.

    Here's the website: AMUC


    Check them out and tag!