• My Korean CDs list.

    20 jui. 2007, 19h49m par Naka-

    서태지와 아이들
    》 Vol. 1 : 난 알아요
    》 Vol. 2 : 하여가
    》 Vol. 3 : 발해를 꿈꾸며
    》 Vol. 4 : COME BACK HOME
    》 Best Album Goodbye

    》 Vol. 5
    》 6 - 울트라맨이야
    》 6th album Re-recording and ETPFest Live
    》 Feel The Soul (Japanese release)
    》 7th Issue
    》 Live Tour ZerΩ 04
    》 8th Atomos Part Moai
    》 8th Atomos Part Secret
    》 8th Atomos
    》 The Great 2008 Seotaiji Symphony

    》 The Butterfly Effect ²
    》 Butterfly Effect (나비효과)

    윤도현 밴드
    》 라이브 (2CDs)
    》 한국 rock 다시부르기

    》 도시학

    그랜드 슬램
    》 Special Fxxk up to....!

    》 20th Anniversary Greatest Hits
    》 Single

    》 Desirous Infection
    》 Undefined

    》 Guckkasten (Before Regular Album)

    500won Project
    》 Um Han

    》 Machine Ares
    》 Digital Human

    Bloody Cookie
    》 a Curer

    》 To be or not to be

    Dr.Core 911
    》 Eat or be eaten
    》 오락가락

    Drunken Tiger
    》 Sky is the Limit
    》 Feel gHood Muzik : The 8th wonder (2CDs)

    Epik High
    》 Remapping the Human Soul
    》 魂: Map the Soul
  • Spring Songs

    30 mars 2007, 9h13m par jennyukari

    I haven't bought anything in a while. While most new releases haven't impressed me lately, there are a few albums that did spark interest.

    (1) First there's 安全地帯 (Anzen Chitai - Safety Zone) - a Japanese band that was quite popular back in the 1980s. Their music fills me with longing for days gone by. Modern-day artists don't quite make such epic ballads anymore... at least not in the style that 安全地帯i does. Lead singer, 玉置浩二's vocals are pure love. It's rich, emotional... and classic. 安全地帯 is especially amazing as a group because Tamaki's solo releases don't quite give me the same satisfaction as his work with the band. Since they have a lot of albums, I thought that the best thing to do is to buy their greatest hits compilations - their 2CD Ballad Collection - 'Only You' and their greatest hits album - 'The Very Best of Anzen Chitai.'

    My favorite 安全地帯 song is also the first 安全地帯 song I've ever heard - 'Suki Sa', which was a theme song for the Maison Ikkoku anime…
  • Recently Purchase Items

    25 oct. 2006, 10h47m par jennyukari

    Rumble Fish Vol. 1 - Swing Attack

    I tried getting this album some time ago... but failed because Yesasia didn't have it in stock. I found it on Annyoung... and now I'm just a very happy girl! This album is like no other in my CD collection. It fuses rock with swing and jazz. Jini's vocals are amazingly strong and powerful... yet very feminine. It's just a really cool album. I don't think enough people listen to these guys! I'd rank her up there with Gummy in terms of vocals - and you know how much I love Gummy. I hear their 3rd album is going to be released soon! I can't wait! I'm planning on having the complete Rumble Fish discography so long as they continue to produce awesome music.

    윤도현 밴드 Vol. 7 - Why Be?

    I don't need to explain this purchase. :P This album's got a little bit of everything for all rock-and-roll lovers. My favorite is track #6 - 'It's Gone.' Yoon Do Hyun's vocals are filled with both grace and power. And this rock ballad shows off just that. This album is a two disc deal. …
  • My Asian CD Collection

    5 fév. 2006, 7h02m par jennyukari


    Vol. 4 Once N 4 All
    Vol. 5 One Way

    Vol. 1 Open the Road

    201 (Special Edition)

    Bobby Kim
    Vol. 2 Beats Within My Soul

    Vol. 1 The Brian
    Vol. 2 Manifold

    Brown Eyed Girls
    Vol. 1 Your Story

    Brown Eyes
    Vol. 1 With Coffee
    Vol. 2 Reason 4 Breathing?
    Vol. 3 Two Things Needed For The Same Purpose and 5 Objects

    Vol. 1 Morning of Buzz

    Vol. 1 Introspect

    Vol. 3 Between
    Vol. 4 Polyester Heart
    Vol. 5 Tender

    Vol. 1 Donawhale

    1st Storybook "Hug"
    2nd Storybook "The Way U Are"
    Vol. 1 Tri-Angle
    3rd Storybook "Special Photo Essay in L.A."
    Vol. 3 "O"-正.反.合(Repackaged Version D) (CD+DVD)

    Vol. 1 Just My Way

    Epik High
    Vol. 3 Black Swan Songs (Repackaged Special Edition) (2CD)

    Vol. 1 Hard to Breath

    Vol. 1 Radio Dayz
    Vol. 2 Spectrum

    Fly to the Sky
    Vol. 2 The Promise
    Contact: Fly to the Sky & Kim Jo Han Joint Live Concert (CD+VCD)
  • Fly to the Sky Vol. 6 - Transition + Other Stuff

    13 jan. 2006, 0h18m par jennyukari

    I'm back from about a month without internet access (reason: I moved). Whew! For an internet junkie like me... that was pretty hard. So what's new? A lot of things! I just ordered everything on my Christmas wishlist a while ago. I'm still waiting for that to come in. I decided not to get V.O.S's 1st album after all... just their 2nd album... since I think I like that album more. I can't stop playing the first 3 tracks... so addictive! In place of that, I decided to get the 윤도현 밴드's 4th album - Korean Rock Remaking in addition to their 5th album instead. ^_^

    The best thing that has happened since the start of 2006 would have to be the release of Fly to the Sky's 6th album - Transition! I already placed my order for the autographed version. I would really like to know how much of those Yesasia keeps in stock. I would imagine that they'd sell like crazy. I hope I get mine without any problems. It would be 40 bucks well spent. …
  • My Christmas Wishlist.

    9 déc. 2005, 6h53m par jennyukari

    Hehehe... I have so many things that I want for Christmas. First things first, I need to renew my webhosting and domain name package thingamajig - well, my sister uses this too... so that will be part of her x-mas present. *sweats* That's gonna hit my wallet hard. Ouch. And I think she's planning on getting herself a digi-cam - she won't need me to get her anything. Small gifts are what I'm planning.

    And all those CDs I'm planning to buy... my wishlist just keep piling up... =o Hopefully, I will get a teeny bit of cash by selling some of my textbooks back after finals... and if I can somehow weasel my next paycheck out of my mom's hands... I may be able to get myself something. I mean, no one else is gonna get them for me.

    장우혁 Vol. 1 - No More Drama
    윤도현 밴드 Vol. 5 - Urbanite
    1TYM Vol. 5 - One Way
    Gummy Vol. 3 - For The Bloom
    V.O.S Vol. 1 - The Real
    V.O.S Vol. 2 - Blue Castle (I have fallen for them recently *_*)
    清木場俊介 - 清木場俊介 (Hong Kong version)

  • CDs Ordered! CDs on Wishlist...

    11 nov. 2005, 7h55m par jennyukari

    I noticed SG Wannabe's first album is back in stock at Yesasia. @_@ Gosh! They're driving me nuts! First it's there, then it's not there... and now, it's there again! Make up your mind people! *sigh* Anyways, I have just ordered a bunch of CDs... with the little money I have.

    SG Wannabe Vol. 1 - Wanna Be+
    I've tried ordering this twice already. The third time better be the last time. *shakes fist*

    SG Wannabe Remake Album - Classic Odyssey
    I can't wait for this one. Words can't express how much I love these guys. Psst! Click on this:http://timeless.love-train.net

    박진혁 Vol. 1 - Real Life
    I was introduced to this guy through z-degrees. Boy, can he sing! Surprisingly, unlike a lot of other ballad albums, this album isn't boring at all. That's the problem with a lot of Korean ballad singers these days - great voice, boring album. No such problem with this album. I really really really hope that his first album is not his last. This guy just has come back and make a second album! That's why I'm buying this. …
  • Dong Bang Shin Ki's 2nd Album = Mixed Feelings

    12 sept. 2005, 20h21m par jennyukari

    I've been putting it off for a while... but I've finally gotten around to tagging my music. :D

    Let's see, 동방신기 finally dropped their second album... I have to say I'm a tad bit disappointed. The first track, 'Tonight' was a lame attempt at doing an R&B song... the sound doesn't suit them. The second track 'Beautiful Life' was one of most boring songs on the album... a big fuss was made over it because apparently it was composed by Jamie Jones from All 4 One... The fuss was not deserved. The title track, 'Rising Sun' was weird... it was hard to pick out the tune... and like 'Tri-Angle,' it has a tiny part in it where the song deviates from the main tune and goes all weird on you... but it actually worked in 'Tri-Angle.' It didn't work in this song. 'Dangerous Mind' was crap... I don't think I need to explain this one. I think the only songs I actually liked were #8 - One and #11 - Love Is All I Need... which are typical boyband songs. They should stick to that... cause that's what they do best.
  • Some BAD news... and some good news.

    26 août 2005, 22h51m par jennyukari

    I have just been notified by yesasia that the SG Wannabe album (vol. 1) I ordered that was supposed in stock... is now 'not in stock.' I'm sooo disappointed. *sigh* They also let me know that they were officially unable to track down 채동하's solo album. Well, at least they're on my computer... so that's good. My other stuff hasn't even come in yet... waiting very impatiently. ;_; This bites.

    I also got Bobby Kim's 2nd album and the 윤도현 밴드's 6th album. I hope they're good... I just bought them on a whim. :D

    And can someone get me this album ;_;?: E.S. Posthumus - Unearthed. I want it! I want it!

    Listening to: E.S. Posthumus - Pompeii