Twelve Hour Turn

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  • i don't know where to start. with all of the jaw dropping no idea bands that have changed the way i look at punk rock (planes mistaken for stars, i hate myself, small brown bike, etc.), not once have i ever gotten tired of listening to twelve hour turn. it's like they have the most staying power, and that's saying an awful lot considering the other mind blowing no idea bands. one of the things i'm most impressed with is how much material they put out. so there's the two full lengths, the four song ten inch ep (which of all may be my favorite), along with the i hate myself split, strikeforce diablo split, engine down split, and an early seven inch called america means loving one another. it's all solid too. it just hits me funny that as good as these guys were, it lasted five plus years.

    "i am a certain god, who slipped down from a remote height, to a place of pools and stars. and i sat invisible, amid a clump of watch the mad men." --edgar lee masters
  • Found "The Victory of Flight" 2001 repress at a local record shop in Michigan for like $8. I was stoked to say the least.

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