Meï Teï Shô : It's over :(

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    • 14 avr. 2006, 0h41m

    Meï Teï Shô : It's over :(

    Sad news from their website:

    Hi everybody!
    I just wanted to confirm the rumour that has been going on for weeks, the members of Mei Tei Sho have put an end to their story : they split up !
    The adventure which started in 1998 (1st gig at Pezner, RIP) brought us lots of joy and gave way to a multitude of encounters in France, Europe (Big Up for Lyon Calling Tour concert promoters ), Egypt, in Quebec and in Brazil (Olinda !!!).Massive thanks to the audience and everybody who supported them and made all this possible.
    This is a sad news for those of whom appreciated their music but everything's not lost, it was just because the chemistry between the members wasn't there anymore and we must accept that as it is part of a band's story. The adventure will carry on in a different way with new projects involving 1, 2, 3 or even more of the members!Special dedication to Marielle and all the aficionados
    Fight for peace and love! (there's no choice!)
    Loic Kervarrec, band manager.

    we had a Live DVD ready in our drawers that we'll release anyway around September or October 2006 if everything goes as planned (The last gig of the Lyon Calling Tour that took place at the Transbordeur) - Don't miss it

    translation in french :
    Bonjour à tous
    Je vous confirme la rumeur qui circulait depuis quelques semaines, les membres de Mei Tei Sho mettent fin à cette histoire commune, ils splittent quoi.
    Cette aventure commencée en 1998 (1er concert au Pezner, RIP) nous a créé beaucoup de joies et suscité une multitude de rencontres en France, en Europe (Big up for Lyon Calling Tour concerts promoters), en Egypte (ne manquez pas Ganoub et Mazaher au Printemps de Bourges), au Québec et au Brésil (Olinda !!!).
    Un grand merci au public et à tous ceux qui nous ont soutenu et avec qui nous avons travaillé (organisateurs de concerts, attachée de presse, tourneurs, labels, médias (pas tous), musiciens, régisseurs, techniciens, graphistes, réalisateurs et tous les potes).
    Triste nouvelle pour ceux qui apprécient leur musique mais il n'y a pas mort d'homme, c'est juste que l'aventure humaine ne marchait plus, ça fait partie de la vie d'un groupe. L'aventure continuera autrement avec des nouveaux projets à 1, 2, 3 et plus !
    Spéciale dédicace à Marielle et à tous les aficionados !
    Fight for peace and love ! (y a pas le choix !)
    Loic Kervarrec, manager

    on avait un DVD Live dans les tuyaux que nous sortons quand même en Septembre/Octobre 06 si tout va bien (concert au Transbordeur / Lyon en clôture du Lyon Calling Tour).

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    • 20 avr. 2006, 21h40m
    Oh, damned. They were such a great band.
    I will never forget the concert I witnessed on 5th September as a part of LYON CALLING TOUR. There were also HIGH TONE. I fell in love with DUB. Before that show, I only knew MEI TEI SHO, I watched one evening their concert video from their concert which took place 3 years ago, as a part of an slovenian etno music festival.
    Today I went to school and saw a new flyer for that festival. My heart warmed. I hopped there will be written MEI TEI SHO on the flyer. But no, I found out they are gone. They will always live as a part of me. I will never forget their music, lyrics, energy, Jean.
    Damned. Hope they'll regroup someday.

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