get it in english no matter where you live

  • get it in english no matter where you live

    its a pritty good app...not worth the hipe seriously. it may sound good but its pritty boring. but if u want it do what i did,if you want it in english just create a United Kingdom itunes account but make sure you have the address,postcode and telephone number correct

    eg-address - # carlton ave
    postcode - M13 9PL
    phone # - 440 1613066000
    town - Manchester
    country - United Kingdom

    pritty simple really

    and also if you want to make an itunes account without using a credit card just go to

    dont forget to change the country above the terms and conditions page in itunes :P

    if you need help dont hesitate to ask questions =)

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    • sebado a dit :...
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    • 31 déc. 2008, 5h03m

    Thank you!

    I'm trying it. Thanks for the info :)

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