First Thought, Best Thought Listening Group Album Discussion

  • First Thought, Best Thought Listening Group Album Discussion

    Hi everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year.

    To begin with, I’d like to find out how not knowing what you were listening to influenced the way you listened to the music:

    Did it affect the way you listened to the music?
    Was it an enjoyable experience?
    Would you do it again?
    Do you have any suggestions on how to make it a better process?

    Did you enjoy the recording?
    What are your impressions about what you heard?
    Is this the kind of music/recording you like to listen to?
    Did it sustain your interest from beginning to end?
    Could this recording sustain repeated listens?
    How would you rate the musicianship?
    How would you rate the interaction of the players?
    How would you rate the improvisational skills of the players?
    Do you have any idea who the players might be?
    Do you have any idea when the recording was made?


  • Anyone interested in participating in the Mystery Album listening group will have to go over to the Free Jazz group and apply there. There was no activity on album #1 so I'm to assume that no one wanted to participate in the discussion. That's cool.

    If any is interested please go to Free Jazz group. We've been having an active discussion on Album #1.


  • I apologize for not listening yet, Ron. After I got Bronchitis (which then cuased another infection) over break I totally forgot about it. I will listen to it today if everything goes as planned.

  • I listened to the album and loved it, part of me was trying the whole time to figure out exactly who it was because it knew I knew the players not necessarily the album itself. Then I just sort of gave up trying to figure out and just enjoyed it, the idea of not knowing who the artist is or what album gives one the chance to critique an album without an preconceived ideas, all in all I loved the concept and the album as well. (i cheated and saw on the free jazz who it was and was a bit surprised but then again, I knew I knew the players) I found it a very free album, especially the beginning sparse tracks

    "It never got weird enough for me."
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