• Concert - The Verve, 30/05/08

    1 juin 2008, 20h59m par Swiss-Nitty

    Festival - Festi'neuch, Neuchâtel

    I've been lucky enough to have already seen Richard Ashcroft twice - but when a friend told me that THE VERVE would be playing in Switzerland I just got myself a ticket - even though it not being the best time of the year for me - but was it worth it - oh yes!

    But I completely forgot about it being a festival - and me, I'm just not a festival person - luckily it was a small one & we were well organised - so there was not much hanging around, listening to bands I don't like etc. but what I also forgot that bands usually don't play a full concert when being at a festival - and that's exactly what happened that night.

    As it was only a small festival it was very easy to get close to the stage which was great! Finally they were here - THE VERVE - what a special moment for us! But all I can say about the concert is that it was way too short (only like 60min) but nevertheless great FUN :)

    All in all: I was definitely missing HISTORY that night - apart from that, PERFECT setlist!