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    Knife Party, Claude Von Stroke, Jacques Lu Cont, Eats Everything, Tobi Neuman & Geddes, Benoit & Sergio at Dance Arena
    Netsky & MC Dynamite, Goldie & SP:MC, Borgore and Drumsound & Bassline Smith feat MC Dynamite at Main Stage After 2AM
    Space Dimension Controller, George Fitzgerald , Sigha and Locked Groove at Happynovisad
    Thieves Like Us, Nikonn, The Tapeaters, DAT Politics, Franz + Shape, Detachments, A Terrible Splendour and Christian Strobe at Elektrana

    This July, Exit Festival will be overloaded with electricity, just like before the summer storm! The most progressive performers in their genres will fill in the blanks of this year’s Dance Arena, Main Stage, Happynovisad and Elektrana stage at the strongest electric circuit spot – the Petrovaradin Fortress, on July 12-15 in Novi Sad!

    The impressive Dance Arena line-up gets even bigger and better with it's eclectic line up. Critically aclaimed act Knife Party are first up and will be performing on July 15th. A side project from Pendulum’s Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen, this Australian electro-house-dubstep duo launched to stratospheric heights after remixing Swedish House Mafia, pumping their high octane fuel injection to the public sonisphere, they are smashing dancefloors worldwide, and will for sure be tearing up the fortress walls in a similar fashion.

    Jacques Lu Cont, a man with many names - Les Rythmes Digitales, Paper Faces, Man With Guitar and Thin White Duke, gained the current super-popularity mostly thanks to his decade- long collaboration with Madonna, and whose renowned album "Confessions on a Dance Floor" was produced by none other than him. Jacques Lu Cont’s splendorous career has been crowned with three Grammys up to this date, thanks to his original scores as well as his remixes and will be performing onm Thursday July 12th.

    Thursday will also feature Eats Everything, the British producer who has recently exploded in the underground house scene, made his mark on the famous Essential Mix on BBC Radio1, and is currently under Hot Creations, dirtybird, Hypercolour, Greco Roman to name a few labels.

    His tour bus will have to make another stop – at this year’s Exit Festival along with label mate American producer Claude Von Stroke, whose tracks "Deep Throat", sold in over 10,000 copies, and "Who's Afraid Of Detroit", turned him into a touring machine. His label, symbolically named "dirtybird" became the primary exporter of electronic music in the United States, with over 50 EPs released since the foundation in 2005.

    The same night Saturday 14th July, Benoit & Sergio start the proceedings with their inimitable take on house and techno, expect a juxtaposition of pristine production and lyricism which will prove why they are one of the most unique and interesting outfits in dance music today.

    They will be joined by German and London underground stalwarts, Tobi Neuman b2b Geddes. Stemming both from the uber cool underground scenes in Germany and London respectively, Tobi Neuman resident of Berlin’s Watergate and Weekend and Geddes heading mulletover, London’s biggest and longest running underground warehouse party. Both mix a myriad of music that develops its own soft, dark gravity, balancing on the fine, almost irrecognizable line between house and techno: sexy and friendly, finishing off the Saturday night perfectly.

    After 2AM program traditionally welcomes some of the greatest Drum’n’Bass and Dubstep scene. The second day of our festival features one of the leaders of the new d’n’b talents in Europe, and a star for Hospital Records, Netsky. We have enough time to prepare for his second studio album, starting with his latest single “Come Alive” which is due May 21. Drumsound & Bassline Smith, will also present their work at the festival on the second day. The British production team, consisting of Andrew Wright, Benjamin Wiggett (Drumsound), and Simon 'Bassline' Smith, who release their work under their very own Technique Recordings are BBC Radio 1’s favourites. They released their single “Close“ in August last year, which won the award for the Best Song and Best Video at this year’s “Official Drum & Bass Awards“. Both acts are featured by MC Dynamite, a globetrotter and the jungle, drum'n' bass, hip hop, dubstep and reggae dancefloor preacher.

    On July 14, After 2AM program hosts the Israeli Dubstep producer and DJ, Asaf Borger, hiding under the alias Borgore. A self-proclaimed “ young man following big dreams, a private beach and the olsen twins.“ classifies his musical genre, a mixture of drum beats with Heavy Metal influences as “Gorestep“. The last, but not the least, we welcome Goldie, on the last day of the festival. Goldie is an English musician, DJ, visual artist, actor and a celebrity, who will be accompanied by one of the most innovative and wanted MCs of the world, SP:MC...


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