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Jan 23

Good Riddance George W. Bush! Party

Avec German Cars Vs American Homes, Bliminal et 4 autres artistes à Village Underground


De vendredi 23 Janvier 2009 à 21:00


Village Underground
New York, NY, United States

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Hey, anyone remember that George W. Bush guy? You know, the dude who stole a national election, bombed the Chinese embassy, used the largest attack on US soil in over 200 years to silence his political opponents at home and launch a spree of deregulation and an avalanche of no-bid contracts to assorted cronies? Who started a foreign war on false pretenses? Who presided over the destruction of a major US city and port? Who attempted to privatize the life-long promised federal pension every retired American is supposed to receive?

Yeah, that guy. We'll be celebrating his departure from the White House and wishing Mr. Barack Obama well as he faces two wars, a crushing depression, a massive deficit, political opposition in the Senate, our friend global warming, and of course, an old favorite, the Israel/Palestinian conflict, on Friday, January 23rd, for FREE, at the Village Lantern, with live music and much partying.

Come join us with BLIMINAL and ESTELLA at 9:30pm on Friday Jan. 23rd at the VL (167 Bleecker St @ Sullivan). 21+. Bring your shoes! (Hope you guys got that one...)

Also: Valentine's Day got you down? You are not alone. Join the Missing Teens at the Annex on Feb. 16th to commiserate. With, of course, live muzak.

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