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Avr 6

JIMMY GNECCO with Full Band!

Avec Jimmy Gnecco à Jammin' Java


De vendredi 6 Avril 2012 à 22:00


Jammin' Java
227 Maple Ave E, Vienna, 22180, United States

Tel : (703) 255-1566

Web :

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After three albums fronting alternative rock band Ours, Jimmy Gnecco has recently made the most personal and affecting album of his career. Self-produced and titled 'The Heart,' it's a watershed work which sees Jimmy drop his guard and raise the bar. The prevailing mood is one of beautiful melancholy, but 'The Heart' has dignity and integrity in spades. We all have to reckon with loss and the events that have shaped us sooner or later, and this record is Jimmy Gnecco's compelling attempt to do just that. Its elegant, elegiac songs are slow-growers that get right under the skin. It was with shape-shifting alternative rock band Ours that Jimmy first made a name for himself. A dynamic and urgent outfit that would later draw comparisons with Radiohead, they soon caught the attention of various U.S. record companies.

Jimmy signed to DreamWorks records under the Ours moniker in 1997, and his band's debut album 'Distorted Lullabies' was released in 2001.The critically acclaimed records 'Precious' and 'Mercy' (the latter handled by friend, production genius and long-term Jimmy Gnecco fan Rick Rubin) followed in 2002 and 2008, respectively. Matters beyond Jimmy's control - major label politics, for example - have sometimes slowed his output, but he has always retained his positivity, strong work ethic, and a certain blue-collar mentality, which recognises that respect has to be earned.

If you've read this far, you will understand why Jimmy Gnecco has been able to pour so much of himself into his first proper solo record, 'The Heart.' Out on Bright Antenna records Summer 2010, it's a sterling achievement; graceful, almost hymnal songs such as "Mystery" and "Take A Chance" channel a formidable talent.


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