• Stalingrad Cowgirls and Muse at Hovet

    28 oct. 2007, 11h09m par helikoppter

    I no longer remember how I first learned their name, but I can not recall any band that I liked more than Muse some eight years ago. It was all because of Showbiz - an album which to this day remains one of my very favorite albums. I was so excited when they finally released Origin of Symmetry! But that album disappointed me so much (I thought the booklet was the best thing about it...) that I gave up on Muse completely. They have been growing steadily in popularity since, and some time during spring this year I decided to give their "new" material another chance. Starting with the album that had turned me away, I realized that I had probably been too harsh and it didn't take long to forgive them. So came the summer and my sister's boyfriend and I talked about how much fun it would be to see Muse live some time. Last Sunday we took the chance: Sun 21 Oct – Muse.

    The whole event was handled pretty badly: The venue had been changed to a bigger one without notifying those…
  • How do you spell awesome?

    24 oct. 2007, 18h28m par Kalar

    Sun 21 Oct – Muse

    A-W-E-S-O-M-E. If you were expecting me to tell you it's spelled Muse, you're either overly enthusiastic or your caretaker should lend you a doodling board instead of that saliva cup stuck to your chin. I know mine's full however, and it's been that way ever since the Muse concert at Hovet in Stockholm.

    I'm no music reviewer with any claims to my name, but I am genuine lover of music as much as the user next to me, and from that limited credential I must urge you to know that Muse made an impact not very unlike a sweet car does when its flying over a cliff: At first it's so far beyond great that you're dumbstruck and smiling, but when you realize that you're descending to a flat and merciless doom, it's not as much fun any more.

    The concert revved up something unbelievable with Knights of Cydonia. The crowd on the floor exploded even with the first stroke of the guitar, and even though I was seated, I was drumming away like a mad monkey and singing along merrily…
  • 哦 muse

    23 oct. 2007, 10h11m par ella193

    10月 21日 星期日 – Muse
    muse看的不过瘾 真希望一直一直下去 ,,感觉自己又年轻了
  • Muse setlist Stockholm

    22 oct. 2007, 11h09m par Hellbelly

    Sun 21 Oct – Muse
    Knights of Cydonia
    Map Of The Problematique
    Supermassive Black Hole
    Butterflies & Hurricanes
    Sing for Absolution
    New Born
    Feeling Good
    Soldier's Poem
    Time Is Running Out
    Plug In Baby
    Stockholm Syndrome
    Take A Bow