• All Tomorrow's Parties @ Mount Buller Ski Resort

    13 Jan 2009, 23:39 by NiteShok

    Fri 9 Jan – ATP Australia 2009: Mt Buller

    Friday is for wide-eyed exploration of the festival's unique locale: hitching a chairlift ride just metres away from the main stage's massive sound system is exhilarating. We bear witness to Bill Callahan as Smog, accomplished blues artist James 'Blood' Ulmer at the Ampitheatre and five Kim Gordons masquerading as Beaches - a compliment, make no mistake. Not-so-secret mystery act Grinderman squint into the afternoon sunlight and pound out a powerful set of masculine depravity, which provides stark contrast to the restrained brilliance of improvisational maestros The Necks.

    Dirty Three greet the night with an edited performance of Ocean Songs, while The Saints re-enact 2007's Pig City performance with striking accuracy and largely without passion. Guitarist Ed Kuepper is much more comfortable fronting the reformed Laughing Clowns on Saturday, who turn in an enrapturing performance of their jazz-affected post-punk and conclude with the towering…
  • All Tomorrow's Parties Australia 2009

    13 Jan 2009, 00:18 by l0stwhispers

    Fri 9 Jan – ATP Australia 2009: Mt Buller

    Garrett, Gary, Mikk, Morgan and I dragged our half-conscious asses down to the bus depot at Southern Cross on Friday morning and boarded the bus that took us to Mansfield, and then another one to Mt Buller, and then another one to Merrijig Ski Club.

    We put down our bags, fought over the beds, and then hurried out to the Bourke St stage to see Dead Meadow. It was definitely a good start to the whole weekend. What else could we have started it with other than psychedelic shoegaze music? I found myself grooving to the music, and if I hadn't been sitting down, I probably would've been moving to it. 

    After Dead Meadow, we decided to head down to ABOM for some $23 pizzas. Ridiculous? Very. They weren't even that big! Or that yummy! The top just kept sliding off the bottom crust. Ripoffs. Hotdogs there cost about $7 too. Ah well.

    So after a more or less hearty but pricey meal, we headed down to the Amphitheatre stage to see Beaches. …