• Taste Of Chaos. The bands were good!

    16 Oct 2008, 02:37 by PointxOfGravity

    Wed 15 Oct – Taste of Chaos 2008

    Okay so like, I got myself into a bit of a nizzle when I got tickets for taste of chaos. some nice lady on livejournal saw my blog about Every Time I Die not playing, so she didn't want the tickets and she had two. Two for £25, BARGAIN. so yeah I made the deal with her and they came like two days before the gig and I was like
    Then it was like "hey who wants to come with me"
    At first I asked my mate rich, but he barely has any money. so It's like what the fuck Rich your name should give you enough money. Then yeah I called up this girl I met on vampirefreaks and she said she'd come, but she told me she had exams like the last minute. Ahhh! so what, I'm going on my bill? fuck no,I'm scared of that. So like, about 6 phone calls later of my frantically trying to get someone who had the time, money and energy to trawl it up to London My good mate Mikey said yeah he'd come, and he lived North London, so I was like "sorted, right"