• The Festivals 2008

    28 Aug 2008, 11:31 by knockoutcarl

    Right, here is a list of bands or acts that I really enjoyed or really didn't from the V Festival and Reading Festival 2008.

    V Festival
    Amy Winehouse
    No, no no no no. Absolutely terrible. She crawled on stage 20 MINUTES LATE. Sung like crap. Did an awful version of Valerie. The best thing was she crawled of stage earlier because of it.

    Kings of Leon
    If these guys play a festival, you have to go and see them. I saw them at Reading in 2005, didn't in 2007 (The Living End were on), so felt that I had to. Plus I've become a bigger fan since. They are amazing live. New tunes like Sex on Fire fit in so well with their other outstanding tracks, and yet sound like a progression the band needed to keep exciting.

    Always a great live band, because everyone knows the words to their songs. Their greatest hits tour sounds like a great excuse to see them play all of their big tracks.

    If someone tells you this band are crap live, then that person is obviously stupid. …
  • BrumLive.com

    20 Aug 2008, 18:44 by rockphoto

  • Travis - Ode to J. Smith

    4 May 2008, 13:02 by champersnova

    It's not been a long time since the beautiful Scots - Travis released their long-time anticipated 5th studio album The Boy With No Name which to me has been underrated within the ocean of new records drifting all around in 2007- and maybe due to the not spot on single choices. Fans would know how long we had to wait for that rescue record to take Travis out of shadow after more than 3 year of wait following 12 Memories (aka musical perfectness no matter what 'they' say). A year and a few has been past and the nicest band on the earth who is known as Travis are now releasing a brand new album -number 6 -expected to be out in summer of 2008. One year lap might look a little short especially to those who have had long yearnings for Travis in the past, yes. But the band have achieved many things during this little time. World touring for The Boy With No Name, teaming up with Claes Bjorklund in both touring and making of the new record, three singles - with praiseful videos, calling it a day with long-standing label Independiente