• Test journal: Artists I like 6

    24 Sep 2008, 17:06 by acreaturetest4


    This is a test journal for testing some new stuff (If you're sick of seeing them, just imagine how I feel). But I genuinely do like these artists, and think they should be listened to more. So there.

    Frightened Rabbit - I saw them at Summer Sundae and was right at the front thanks to a girl who didn't have earplugs. I love my earplugs. She was right up against the barriers, but as soon as they hit the first note she clutched her ears and ran away. Anyway, check out The Midnight Organ Fight, it's great.

    Chris Thile is now producing stuff as part of Punch Brothers, and plays some quite lovely bluegrass stuff. The Guardian described their latest as or , and you should definitely listen to It'll Happen. But before that he was producing some neat stuff on his own - cf. How To Grow A Woman From The Ground.

    My love affair with The Dodos continues apace. Listen to Walking followed by Red And Purple, taken from [album artist=The Dodos[/album]Visiter[/album]. …
  • Summer Sundae - A Very British Festival

    14 Aug 2008, 21:20 by vegetubleman

    Fri 8 Aug – Summer Sundae Weekender

    As no-one else at Lambastfm has bothered, I thought I'd give you my personal take on this year's do.

    The Heroes were rather derivative, Love Ends Disaster! promising, but things really got going with a lively set from Fight Like Apes on the main stage, quickly followed by The Mae Shi in the Rising tent. The latter are brilliant live, climbing all over every available piece of equipment and throwing themselves around like there's no tomorrow.
    I found Emma Pollock and Kenny Anderson a bit too quiet when they played the Phrased and Confused tent, so I gave them a miss later on, but caught the end of Tullis Rennie and Bella Ford who are well worth hearing if you get the chance.
    Nina Nastasia was at her enchanting best on the main stage, although she could have done with a bit more enthusiasm from us lot.
    I was working for Complete Wasters from 8 til 10, so I heard most of the Coral and some of Supergrass while going round emptying bins. …