• Eight Miles High #2 @ Alhambra

    24 Jun 2012, 14:32 by MaxFactor81

    Fri 8 Jun – Eight Miles High #2

    When national psych/garage/shoegaze celebration Eight Miles High debuted at The Zoo last November, it featured high-calibre interstate bands like Black Cab, Belles Will Ring and Sand Pebbles. In contrast, four of the second installation’s five bands are local – and as it turns out, the vast majority of music on offer is similarly world-class.

    The identical striped-shirted opening act Teen Sensations – fronted by Brisbane’s own mod/garage-soul prince Jeremy Neale and featuring Keep On Dancin’s Yuri Johnson on heavily-reverberating Fender Jaguar – waste no time in cranking up some energetic surf-pop. “Not so much Beach Boys as less noisy early JAMC,” one could say.

    If The Black Angels and The Warlocks had a baby, that would be Dreamtime. Heavy and atmospheric, the kaftan/flares-friendly quartet douse Alhambra in liberal doses of fuzz, wah and echo, subsequently making the strongest sonic and visual impression on this writer.