• Castle Party 2012 @ A report

    21 Aug 2012, 15:51 by Wakejszon

    Thur 26 July - Castle Party 2012

    Castle Party is one of the biggest gothic rock festivals in the Eastern Europe. Every year (since 1994) it gathers several thousand fans of the industrial, electro and goth metal music. The festival itself is so diverse and heterogeneous, that it’s hard to find two participants that experience it similarly: in the castle you can meet plenty of goths, goth-punks, metalheads, industrial and/or ebm freaks, cybergoths, retro lovers and so on, all devoted to one specific esthetics and usually one kind of music. Of course this great variety of the audience is caused by the diversity of artists that perform at Castle Party (and the other way round, like a feedback). During the festival you have to decide which performances you want to attend, because concerts are usually played simultaneously in two places, which are the main stage and the church (it used to be a church, but not anymore, now it’s a gymnasium). …