• MDFX = What a blast

    28 May 2012, 16:08 by scapacity

    Thu 24 May – Maryland Deathfest X

    I go to shows at Sonar often so I'm pretty familiar with the area. Haven't been to MDF in a few years and I'm pleasantly surprised at how big it's gotten and how far people are coming in for this thing.

    Look man, I'm not a music reviewer or anything. I'm just a fan so I didn't write down set lists or whatever. I was rocking out. Tried to, anyway, was successful for the most part.

    I ran around and saw a ton of bands but these are the ones that stood out for one reason or another. Believe it or not I'm not much of a death metal fan, I'm more of a doomy sludgy kind of girl so I skipped most of the crypt crawler bands.

    Day 1 Thursday

    We showed up at the tail end of Eyehategod just to get our four-day bracelets. I've seen EHG (my favorite huge band) numerous times now so I was okay with missing it. Still whipped ass though because that's what they do.

    Day 2 Friday

    Today Is The Day: Brutal.