• A Mostly Folk Festival 2-4 Sept 2011

    6 Sep 2011, 11:07 by kingsbeef

    Fri 2 Sep – Moseley Folk Festival
    You know a festival is not going to be radical when the glass warning talks of contraband olives. But who decided that festivals had to be hip anyway. Here you didn't get the reality of the streets so much as the reality of the fields, which is ironic considering it must be one of the most urban festival settings around. I'd never been into Moseley Park before but it's a little gem hidden in the heart of Birmingham and the same can be said of the Festival. The glade-like setting is a natural amphitheatre so the acoutics are tremendous (you can even hear every word in the beautifully clean toilets at the top of the site). There are 2 quaint stages right next to each other which alternate so you never miss a band unless you want to and there's very little delay between acts. Like Billy Bragg said "this is the first time I've performed in a lean-to". The only other stage is The Bohemian Jukebox which is a marquee tent too small for the…