• Field Day.. surprisingly positive overall

    7 Aug 2011, 18:56 by thisisall1word

    Sat 6 Aug – Field Day 2011

    OK, so I've never been to a Field Day before, but I have seen Love Box and some Love Music Hate Racism things at the same site and I've been to my fair share of other one day festivals too...

    Didn't get there till gone 1pm but found that there were no queues to get in - all good!
    Working out where stages are has to be done by walking round the site once, there's signs to some places, but no maps...
    Beer was £4.00 (sometimes randomly £4.10) which is overpriced, but show me a city festival that has them much cheaper, right? Still, grumble, grumble...
    Impressive amount of food stalls, most overpriced (see beer comments, etc), but overall I think the right amount and variety of places.
    Sound quality was rubbish nearly everywhere... we actually found you could hear better outside the Shackleton Arms then inside! and poor sound did mean that artists were getting frustrated and crowds didn't get the gigs that they deserved. I really think that improving the sound could reap wonders for this festival...
  • Field Day Festival 2011 REVIEW

    7 Aug 2011, 13:56 by itshayden

    Sat 6 Aug – Field Day 2011

    Although my planned schedule quickly became useless, the bands on offer were great, and despite a few sound issues, a select few performances were some of the redeeming points of this festival.

    S.C.U.M put their best foot forward and delivered a short but excellent set to a packed tent (which in my opinion should have been bigger). New song 'Whitechapel' was particularly good, and gave us a taster of their upcoming album. In the same tent were Creep, who i wasn't a fan of until their set, which was coupled with some interesting visuals that made their performance stand out amongst some of the smaller bands.

    Zola Jesus gave arguably the most powerful performance of the day. Her vocals were faultless, the sound quality was decent, and her new material sounded even better live, particularly on set closer 'Vessel'. She writhed around the stage and into the audience like a demon possessed, and it only added to the tone of the set.

  • Frustrating

    7 Aug 2011, 11:27 by latenightbus

    Sat 6 Aug – Field Day 2011

    I'm going to try and be a bit constructive rather than rant!

    I arrived at the park around 2pm, wanting to get in time for Sun Ra around 2.30. The 'system' for achieving entry was diabolical. There was barely any signage to tell you where the entry was so I basically had to guess. Ditto - the 'lanes' of the queue itself didn't have big enough signs telling you what they were. It didn't really affect me but loads of people were changing lanes towards the end causing unnecessary aggro. I don't mind queueing to get in, although anything over 20 mins can be a bit tiresome but it was the entirely avoidable Lord of The Flies, survival of the fittest scenario that bothered me. I want to be able to chill and relax in the queue, not have to maintain steely concentration to keep my place.

    Got in and it was £5 for a programme thingy. Absolutely ridiculous, to ensure that people who hadn't done their research had to purchase it…
  • Field Day - Victoria Park, 6 August

    7 Aug 2011, 10:50 by Thelonious9

    Sat 6 Aug – Field Day 2011

    Some things I enjoyed about Field Day:

    Willy Mason’s ability to get the words “pick up truck” into every song

    Ariel Pink’s ongoing transformation into Todd Rundgren

    The last five minutes of Omar Souleyman’s set (damn that I missed the rest of it)

    How grumpy Archer Prewitt of Sea & Cake was when he found there wasn’t anywhere to plug his gear in and then how immensely happy he looked when a member of the tech crew gave him a simple extension lead

    How nervous Electrelane looked whilst setting their gear up and then how much they clearly enjoyed playing

    Anna Calvi’s theatricals and her wild percussionist

    Some things I didn’t enjoy about Field Day:

    The idiots who think it’s alright to barge through the crowd at considerable speed to get to the front mid-set, trampling all under-foot (even worse when they change their mind five minutes later and barge right back). Especially bad during Wild Beasts