• Ultra Music Festival 2011 Review (It's A Long One)

    31 Mar 2011, 01:31 by wiredillusion

    This year was my third year attending Ultra Music Festival in Downtown Miami; consequently, it was also the first year where the festival has expanded to three days. Each year the festival has gotten even better. I was a little worried that with the shrink in the festival grounds that I would be a bit disappointed this year, but quite the contrary. The festival this year was probably the best that I have been to thus far; it easily had the strongest lineup and the best crowd (I think lack of single day tickets really helped that as only the dedicated people hit up all three days). I ended up in a core group of 4-6 guys depending on the day, but also met up with a larger group of 15 or so throughout the festival.

    My group started off our Ultra trip in the longest line to get in that I have ever seen. We decided to head down around 6:00 or so on Friday and the line was ridiculous. After the next two days, I would come to find that apparently the ticket scanners broke the first day, and security was being extra tight. …