• Splendour In The Grass 2010 @ Woodfordia

    3 Aug 2010, 06:29 by NiteShok

    Fri 30 Jul – Splendour In The Grass 2010

    (A two part feature for Mess+Noise)

    Our decision to arrive at Woodfordia – Splendour’s new site after 10 years at Belongil Fields in Byron Bay – around midday on Thursday proved wise. Those less punctual were subject to queues that stretched back a reported 10 kilometres as security checked vehicles for booze. Upon winding down car windows, our friendly guard tried scare tactics.

    “Where’s the booze?” he demanded.
    “It’s easier to give it up now than face a potential fine of up to $1000,” he began, while his offsiders began rummaging through our vehicle. They came up empty-handed.

    A great many passed these tests, however, judging by the amount of “BYO” consumption that occurred throughout the weekend. Note to self: never underestimate the human capacity to do whatever it takes to get fucked up.
    These initial difficulties were seemingly compounded by the fact that the venue’s only public entrance is via a single road. …
  • The bands I saw at SITG 2010

    3 Aug 2010, 02:32 by MaxFactor81

    Fri 30 Jul – Splendour In The Grass 2010

    My parts of the collective Fasterlouder review:

    Fri 30 Jul

    Once it hits 2pm, New Yorkers School of Seven Bells fill the Mix Up tent with their patented swirling sound. The more indie/electronic, dance-oriented tracks from new album Disconnect From Desire dominate the set; the sound is a bit muddy at first but the Deheza sisters' harmonies are ever-enchanting. From 2008's Alpinisms, the 11-minute closer Sempiternal/Amaranth whooshes and throbs in all its neo-shoegaze glory.

    Foals have grown up a lot during the last couple years – both as musicians and songwriters. Upon commencing an hour of euphoric, atmospheric indie-funk, the Oxford five-piece rev the packed-out Mix Up into action with Total Life Forever's clipped guitar riff. Singer Yannis Phillippakis is in top vocal form, yelping away on breakthrough singles Cassius and Balloons and crooning on the shuffling Miami and Blue Blood while the band cook up an eminently danceable sonic stew. …