• Craponne in short

    27 Jul 2010, 16:13 by Sacha72

    Fri 23 Jul – 23eme Festival Country Rendez Vous 2010

    I can be short.

    It was cold.


    Okay. I'll be a bit less short on this festival.

    There was NO red dirt music. None at all. Zero.
    The audience was grumpy.
    And they had Heineken on draft.

    Hm. Something on the artists?

    I've seen Ray Wylie Hubbard. And his son. And they were GOOOOOD!!!

    Happy Sacha.

    That's mostly it.

    I've seen Ray Wylie Hubbard. And his son.

    Oh, okay: Robert Earl Keen was there too.

    Don't feel like talking about the other artists. It's not their fault. The line-up just really sucked. And I don't buy the story on a low budget because of less Government funding this year. I'd say that 15,000 visitors with an average entrance fee of EUR 100,= plus the bar income ánd the stand-holders-fees would count for something. Right?

    But hey: I've seen Ray Wylie Hubbard. Have I mentioned that already?