• 2010 Graspop - Awesome !!

    3 Jul 2010, 11:07 by YasoKuuhl_07

    Fr., 25. Jun. – Graspop Metal Meeting 2010


    Nile was the single band I wanted to see at the first day. I just saw the last Songs, one was Sarcophagus and another one was Lashed to the Slave Stick, my favourite song of them !
    I have been behind the crowd but enjoyed the show. The Screen with the skull was quiet cool. That was a nice start into the weekend.


    The following Day started with Hail of Bullets, that was the greatest suprise for me of the whole weekend. I didn't know a song of them, but found their show absolutely amazing. They played hammering death metal similar to Bolt Thrower. After their show i headed towards the mainstage ...

    Sabaton, one of my favourite live Bands, kicked ass. They've done a marvelous preformance, Joakim joked as usual and promotes their upcoming shows. The Band was great and the audience celebrated them ! They played Ghost Division, Panzer Battalion, Attero Dominatus, Primo Victoria (Joakim: "And now we're coming to the gay part: you have to jump")…
  • Graspop 2010 - three days review

    1 Jul 2010, 21:02 by super_ruben09

    Fri 25 Jun – Graspop Metal Meeting 2010

    Reviews in chronological order.

    Good performance, better than I expected. The setlist was acceptable I guess, the fact that they only played three songs from the period 1983-1986 pisses me off, but seeing as one of them was Chemical Warfare, I really can't complain. The band themselves played fairly good, King messed up a few solos (War Ensemble's being the first to come to mind) but Hanneman and ESPECIALLY Lombardo played really good. I was blown away by Lombardo's drumming, out of all members his performance was by far the tightest.

    One of the only 3 bands I needed to see on Friday, I was pretty pissed they played at the same time as Motörhead. But since I already saw Motörhead before, I decided to go to Nile. I was not disappointed. Extremely tight playing. Karl Sanders is almost as old as Kerry King (I think King is three days older, yes, days), and seeing the two play on the same day just made clear how much better Karl is. …
  • Graspop 2010 (Sunday)

    1 Jul 2010, 19:54 by pjvb9050

    Fri 25 Jun – Graspop Metal Meeting 2010

    Instead of going by car, I decided to take public transport to Graspop this year (train and bus were free with ticket). After having taken 2 trains and 1 bus I arrived at the Graspop festival before 2 pm. I had just missed 'Job for A Cowboy' but I was still in time to see 'Katatonia' in Marquee 1.


    Katatonia were only allowed to play a very short (40 minutes) set. This Swedish progressive-death influenced band played a good show in a not so full marquee. They played a few songs from the 'great cold distance' album (only Katatonia album I've heard so far) including 'my twin'.


    I left near the end of Katatonia's set (ca. 10 minutes left) to the mainstage because I wanted to have a good place to see 'Exodus' play. Exodus' set was also rather short (50 minutes) which was an absolute shame! Exodus started with a track from their new album ('Exhibit B: the human condition) and played a few thrash classics like 'Strike of the beast' and 'a lesson in violence'. …
  • Graspop 2010 review

    29 Jun 2010, 21:44 by ThroughTheDawn

    Fri 25 Jun – Graspop Metal Meeting 2010

    Graspop 2010

    This year marked the 15th anniversary of Graspop Metal Meeting, a festival of metal, rock and hardcore. For this particular occasion, the organization had promised to give ticketholders a run for their money by bringing out some amazing (and not so amazing) bands.

    Day 1
    On the first day of the festival, I awoke after a night of pretty heavy drinking wherein I met some very interesting people from all over the world. I headed over to the metal dome to check out the opening band for the festival Oceans of Sadness, an avant-garde metal band from Belgium. I had pretty high expectations as what I’d heard from their latest album was quite original. Unfortunately, this first band did not deliver at all, in my opinion. The bass player was nothing short of bad, the drummer was rather sloppy and I couldn’t hear the guitars in the mix, the only member that really stood out was the singer who pulled off some very powerful shrieks. …
  • Graspop 2010

    29 Jun 2010, 14:13 by jeroentje1990

    Fri 25 Jun – Graspop Metal Meeting 2010

    Na maanden van voorbereidingen en uitzoeken wat ik mogelijk wel en niet ging zien is het dan zo ver! Eerst nog even een paar uurtjes reizen, tent opzetten en de eerste nacht overleven.
    En toen begon het festival pas echt!

    Na een nacht goed kunnen slapen toch maar eens beginnen met Bleeding Through. Ik had ze van tevoren wel eens gehoord maar kende er niet echt veel nummers van, desondanks kon ik me bijna geen beter begin voorstellen van Graspop. Ze speelde fantastisch en het publiek deed ook lekker mee! Dit is echt een band die ik sowieso vaker ga zien als ze weer komen!

    Daarna doorgelopen naar Krypteria die ik eigenlijk alleen kende van naam. Na 2 nummers gezien te hebben toch maar weer weggelopen om wat vrienden op te zoeken want het was niet echt mijn ding.

    Daarna met wat vrienden gekeken naar Billy Talent waar ik maar 3 nummers echt van kende. Heb het gehele optreden gezien, maar ik vond het niet echt super. …
  • Setlist KISS Concert at Graspop Metal Meeting, Dessel

    29 Jun 2010, 13:11 by setlistfm

  • De aanslag op de zintuigen: Graspop

    29 Jun 2010, 09:24 by CCX666

    Vanwege familiale redenen kon ik dit jaar enkel op zaterdag naar Graspop, voor mij gelukkig ook de beste dag. Net op tijd toegekomen om Sabaton te zien, ik had ze nog nooit eerder live bezig gezien en buiten een paar downloads kende ik er ook geen nummers van, maar wat een set! Nooit goed begrepen wat power metal juist inhield maar Sabaton heeft zaterdag voor mij de definitie gegeven (Primo Victoria!).

    Even een opmerking voor wie oorstopkes wil meenemen de volgende keer, GEEN Blox Disco kopen bij uw apotheker. Na 5 min Sabaton moest ik de mijne al uitdoen omdat de snelle opeenvolging van bastonen resulteerde in één langgerekte dreun in mijn oren, net alsof mijn schedel een grote resonantieruimte werd! Om zot van te worden, dus stoppen uit en full force genieten van het o zo heerlijke metalen lawaai.

    In marquee 1 was het dan tijd voor Dark Funeral, had ik nog nooit van gehoord voor Graspop maar na wat ik in die tent gehoord heb, staan ze hoog in mijn top10 van beste live-metaloptredens. …