• Sydney Sidewave no. 2

    26 Feb 2009, 14:20 by jadedmasquerade

    Wed 25 Feb – Anberlin

    This was the second and last of the sidewaves I attended and the one I was most keen for. Just like the Alkaline Trio sidewave I arrived late as with the other sidewave ticket I just had a time printed and missed most of Finch’s set which I’m kicking myself over because I really wanted to see them. What I did see of them was good, the sound was perfect and the vocals were great pity the crowd weren’t into them and were only there to see the last two acts.

    Next up were Silverstein and I was right next to the amps (made the constant ringing in my ears worse) and they played nice and loud pity again the crowd wasn’t terribly enthusiastic even with Shane Told’s encourage. The band put on a good show, the set list was ok, stand out tracks were My Heroin, Smile In Your Sleep and Bleeds No More which they ended their set with. Once the set was over the band threw some equipment into the crowd for mementos.

    After a quick trip to the bar I returned to the mosh pit…
  • Anberlin,Silverstein,Chiodos,Finch @ roundhouse

    26 Feb 2009, 01:31 by lozzyisonfire

    Wed 25 Feb – Anberlin

    Finch opened the show. They attracted a fair crowd. Im not really into there music but they sounded pretty good especially towards the end of their performance when they played a few of there more recognized songs.

    Without a delay, Silverstein played pretty much straight after finch. They were amazing. They started the show with a blast. The crowd went off. They played a few new songs as well as there olds :] Imo there best song was My Disaster, followed by My heroine. Out of all the bands that played, I enjoyed silverstein the most. I was standing right next to the speaker and the bass was so loud it gave me goosebumps !

    Next up was Chiodos. They had a massive crowd. There was much screaming and shouting as Craig Owens entered the stage. This was Chiodos first ever played show in Australia so it was pretty exciting. They kicked off with 'the undertakers thirst for revenge is unquenchable' It was amazing. Sounded absolutely perfect just like recorded. …