• Siouxsie Shows 'em How its Done

    19 Feb 2008, 11:53 by stereo8track

    Mon 18 Feb – Siouxsie and the Banshees

    You would hardly know you were a stone's throw from the "Happiest Place On Earth" looking at the crowd at tonights Siouxsie show.The black cloud of oh-so-goth fashion victims with enough hair product to erect a Paul Mitchell
    Taj Mahall.Who knew Mondays at HOB is FagHag
    Date Night as the Large & In Charge awash in white foundation and black eyeliner pushed their way to the front of the stage with their swishiest of sidekicks in tow.
    Siouxsie hit the lights with an ominous synth and bass beat bucking the well trodden black trend completely resplendent in her gold & silver lame catsuit featuring a hip-hugging Batgirl-esque utility belt
    (I guess only Budgie knows what secret tools
    were hidden within those compartments)
    Many of the songs were culled from the MantaRay album which until tonight I was unfamiliar with.Edgy exciting tunes recalling 80s post-punk wunderkind band Magazine.A tribute of sorts to former bandmate John McGeoch who passed away far too young in 2004.