• Dream Theater Bless Aus

    2 Feb 2008, 02:19 by Topmark

    Fri 1 Feb – An Evening with Dream Theater

    A long wait for many DT fans but they came to our shores, and put on a GREAT show.
    I was at the front barricades almost, for the first half I couldn't hear any of the vocals, was pretty dissapointed. After the song AS I AM finshed I when to grab a snack and drink then stayed on the hill for the rest of the night, it was great the sound, I could hear the vocals as well YER. mosh was great hot sweety not much room to move lol. but on the hill it was, Diffently lot more easy to hear vocals and view the intire stage. the keyboard gutair, was awsome looking, all so the usal rotating keyboard stage.
    Awsome massive drum set, of course some of the drums only use in like one or two songs, the its the Bling/show.

    It was the best Night I had for a while Dream Theater rock great show guys.