• Live Report: Goatwhore @ The Corner Hotel

    11 Jul 2012, 04:34 by Gotterdamerung

    Sat 7 Jul – Goatwhore & Impiety

    Arriving just to hear the fade out of opening band Order of Orias it is not too long before next band of the extensive support takes to the stage, local residents Destruktor. Apart from the headline act, this is my first time seeing these bands live. Already a fan of Destruktor’s “Nailed” LP anticipation of a good show was high. Sadly by the end of the set this was replaced with mediocre. My biggest issue being the vocals, full of echo it just seemed to hang above, what was a punchy Thrash / Death infused sound and I did not really care for the poor stage banter, there is a certain skill involved in slamming an audience & keeping them onside (looking at you George Fisher). Along with some technical difficulties though, I am hoping this was just an off night, as the potential for and awesome set was there and I would be keen to catch them again. Special mention to the drummer, that guy knows his way around the kit, solid performance.