• Kick in The Shins

    24 Mar 2012, 22:45 by PaulsCollection

    Fri 23 Mar – ATP Presents: The Shins + Clinic

    Clinic supporting The Shins? A surprising choice to many at the show. It seemed like it was a surprise to even Clinic. The audience was of a varied age range (teenagers to 40+) but no-one seemed to be there for Clinic.

    I enjoyed their set depsite the chatter from the crowd. They received little or no response to every song they played. Clinic seemed to realise they were fighting a losing battle almost as soon as they began. There was little communication with the audience but the majority weren't listening anyway. May seemed to mentally switch off within two songs of their set. I heard comments such as "who are they?" and "Didn't they just play this?"

    The Shins are in all essence, indie-pop. The majority of their audience would never willingly listen to an act such as Clinic. I hope they did pick up some new fans from this. They used the set to test out material from their upcoming album. …