• A bar has been set...

    9 May 2012, 22:13 by MilotheMayor

    Tue 8 May – St. Vincent, Shearwater

    I might have been on this planet for only 22 years, but I've already been to dozens of concerts from both the mainstream and indie persuasion, to the arena rock gods of The Who and U2 to current underground heroes like M83. I don't say it lightly that Annie Clark may have established a new standard in my personal gig continuum. It might have been a 'super duper bummer' that she missed CBus last tour, but her bantering charm juxtaposed with simply the most visceral guitar theatrics I have ever witnessed was breathtaking. The Pop Group cover might be a highlight of my life (if you saw a tall guy near front being electrocuted throughout...that was me) and the Krokodil bodysurf (on me) obviously won over a crowd already enraptured from the very beginning. I had tears in my eyes during Your Lips Are Red's final guitar solo. Fun crowd too. I won't soon forget this concert.

  • Badass show

    9 May 2012, 08:46 by QueenOHearts11

    Tue 8 May – St. Vincent, Shearwater

    My 1st time at the Newport and St. Vincent put on a stellar show. As a relatively new fan who has been trying to catch up... I'm really impressed by her fearlessness on stage. I met the lead singer of Shearwater and shook his hand at the merch table. Nice guy.. with an echoey cool voice. But St Vincent is what really got me pumped. She can really play live. Overall, i had a great time... Would love to see her again, plus she played my favorite Neutered Fruit... (Which I like to think she played just for ME... if she saw my pleading tweet) lol

    The stage dive was epic. Talked with a few people while waiting in line.. Was hoping she would do it.. But was TOTALLY not expecting it. She dived right into my area. At first, i didn't know how to react... With camera in one hand trying to hold her up with another. GREAT. At one point i think i saw this little tiny girl basically holding most of Annie's weight HA. …