• Review - Bonnie Prince Billy @ The Perth Festival Gardens - 24/02/2012

    26 Feb 2012, 13:32 by elemento

    Fri 24 Feb – Bonnie 'Prince' Billy featuring the Cairo Gang

    Seeing an artist live for the first time holds expectations of exactly how they will perform. The persona that you craft in your mind of the performer is nuanced by the way they commit themselves to record. The image is shaped and honed by years of repeat listening intermingled with personal experience and interpretation and whilst it's perhaps trite to extrapolate a whole personality from a single moment, or moments, recorded in time, it so often hits the mark. Shy, withdrawn artists are invariably shy and withdrawn, softly spoken bands with lilting arrangements fill a room, but don't blow you away. Loud, brash frontmen are generally charismatic and everywhere at once.

    On occasion, though, that image you've formed is completely shattered by the enigmatic presence that arrives on stage. On this cool, blustery summer's night in Perth, that presence was Will Oldham, in this guise as Bonnie 'Prince' Billy with The Cairo Gang. …