• holy shit

    5 Aug 2011, 20:53 by dafallofbert

    Thu 4 Aug – Digitalism, Jack Beats, Gesaffelstein what a great show. Gesaffelstein was amazing, it was the first time I've listened to him but he got the show started right. He had great lifts and even harder drops. I was a bit disappointed that it had to end so soon but he had to make way for Jack Beats. These guys are surprising great I didn't know what to expect but when they started and I looked around, apparently the crowd did, no one stopped moving through their whole set. There was even an annoying guy with a Jack Beats t-shirt who apparently met them before and had seen them 4 times. Good times though.

    Now Digitalism, was awesome I was expecting them to play all new songs but they did a far amount of old and new stuff. It was a great set, though their equipment was apparently a problem a few times, they were true musicians and rolled through the problems even playing the first half of pogo with just drums and vocals. Everyone sang along with every song and when they played other…