• Stray Dogg & Chinawoman

    17 Apr 2011, 01:17 by strajnic

    Sat 16 Apr – CHINAWOMAN

    The second show of Stray Dogg and Chinawoman sounded much better than first one yesterday. The reason is obviously the absence of yesterday's sound engineer (thank god for that!) so they adjusted the sound with new one (and the better one!). The auditorium which is not acoustic enough for that kind of music was full of hipster audience in the mood for chatting and strutting. They were pretty loud, but, despite that fact, we could hear something tonight. Stray Dogg (vocal/acoustic guitar) played the first time with his new backing band consisting of violin, piano and electric guitar (still without bass and drums!). His songs are more suitable for quiet and sitting audience but the people in front of the stage seemed to be enjoying themselves, some of them were even dancing. Stray Dogg's new songs with violin and piano, played by classically trained girls, deserve second chance, in a place with better acoustic and with more focused public. After short break, Chinawoman entered the stage with her band. …