• The 69 Eyes - Nottingham Review

    27 Mar 2011, 10:16 by samlewis45

    Sat 26 Mar – Dark Decadence Tour

    The third gig in as many weekends, and second of the month in Nottingham means I've been a very busy gigging metal fan these last few weeks, but it’s all been worth it. March 2011’s final gig for me this year was a hard rock fest featuring some of Scandanavia’s best rock bands. Two weeks ago I was in the small Rescue Rooms venue in the same building for symphonic metal giants Epica, and two weeks later I'm in the main venue, Rock City, for some sleazy and straight up hard rock. First on the bill were the band that made me want to go to the gig in the first place, Crashdïet. I recently got their 'Generation Wild' album which is a great sleaze/glam metal album, and wanted to see them live. This opportunity presented itself and I jumped at the chance. Their set was only a short one with seven songs played, and they were plagued with slightly dodgy sound throughout which sometimes made the band sound messy. …