• Face to Face

    23 Feb 2010, 12:02 by BIGmog

    Mon 22 Feb – Elton John and Billy Joel

    Almost exactly 2 years ago, I saw Billy Joel perform at the Pepsi Center (affectionately known as "The Can"). Last night it was Billy Joel AND Sir Elton John in their Face to Face tour.

    I was lucky to get a ticket. It was sort of a sudden decision to attend but when you only need 1 ticket, it's much easier to get a decent seat even at the latest possible moment. Behind the stage was what I settled on though at least it was only 20 rows back. Elton John had his back to me most of the show but I had a clear view of Billy Joel which didn't bother me.

    In case the name of the tour isn't descriptive enough, 2 pianos face each other with the performers "dueling" each other. Not only that, but each performer had their own drummer, they own keyboardist (yeah, a pianist apparently needs a keyboardist too), own guitarists, etc. That lead to a LOT of musicians on stage. Certain sections of the stage would recede below to hide or reveal sections of instruments as needed. …