• Ciara was Great, Heaven was not!

    2 May 2009, 10:59 by Sarbel16

    Sat 25 Apr – Ciara
    Well firstly we got there early with free entry wristbands, and my 2 freinds who had the same, didnt get in, but i did! So i spent about 30 mins trying to get them in. Eventually they got in, but had to pay 10 pound, which was ridiculous!

    Then once inside it was fine, we were just dancing on the dancefloor, which soon turned into a standstill waiting for Ciara a good 3 hours before she actually came on. So we like everyone else started to just wait, quite near the front. And we were expecting her to come on any min, and then the DJ says "Ciara on in one hour" and after that it just got crazy, people were very rude and sellfish, trying to push through and didnt care about anyone else but themseleves, and since we were near the front it was hard with all these people trying to push thru, and we got very squished.

    Then a guy just kinda was pushing his way thru pushed me to the floor, and everyone thought that I had passed out, and so i was carried out of the crowd by security. …