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    25 May 2010, 18:06 de psy-eternity

    alkor - Still Before the Sunrise
    Kicking off Christmas release week for 2009 is Kahvi regular - Alkor. "Still before the sunrise" is a dreamy escapade into a surreal sunrise approaching on the horizon. Six tracks of excellence in the usual Alkor vein, with swirling pads, solid basslines and all the addictive ingredients we're used to.
    With just over 30 minutes playing time, this gentle introduction to a week of classic and strong releases will ease you into the rhythm.
    Track of choice is track 6 - one day above the clouds. The kind of track to send a chill down your spine every time you give it a listen, yet oddly familiar in a way?

    Tracks # - 6
    Time overall - 30:56
    Quality - mp3, 320 kbps

    1. The Monument
    2. Motion In Time
    3. Neverland
    4. Only By The Night
    5. The Junior
    6. One Day Above The Clouds

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  • solipsistic NATION No. 79: HiddenPlace Music, Part 1

    29 Feb 2008, 20:28 de solipsisticast


    When I began solipsistic NATION I didn’t make any attempt to make the show commercially viable. My mission was to play electronic music that I love and if people listening to the show happened to love what I was playing, I considered that a bonus.

    I wasn’t being entirely self-serving. I was playing quality music so I knew I was bound to pick up an audience, even if it was a niche audience. And I was right. Over the years, solipsistic NATION has attracted an ever growing audience. And that’s where it gets interesting.

    People often find their way to solipsistic NATION because they are just as passionate about electronic music as I am. And that shared passion sparks some wonderful conversations, which often leads to friendships.

    Nearly a year ago I met Travis Nobles, who runs the hiddenplace music blog. Travis and I share similar taste in music and he constantly exposes me to new artists I most likely would…
  • Yay! 25K plays registered...

    8 May 2007, 8:05 de kirloo

    ...and my Overall Top 20 Artists has not changed for very, very long - as far as I've noticed. It is still full of Aleksi Virta, Bonobo, Alex H, Moby, Aphilas, Daft Punk, The Chemical Brothers, mikael fyrekMike Oldfield (though, that's pretty odd - I don't seem to remember ever having played that much Mike Oldfield), and Portishead.

    Right below Top 10 (interestingly) are The KLF, whom I heard a lot when I was younger (before I started scrobbling), but it seems that my Chill Out, and The White Room have been played enough times to send them into top 15 :)

    All these charts are OK, but basically I would like to see something else ... something along the lines of this Listening Trends Visualistion from Lee Byron. It is both visually pleasing and interesting Data Mining. I might do something like this myself when I learn to use the Processing framework.

    After I bought a Squeezebox and installed the SlimScrobbler plugin my scrobbles(?) have been skyrocketing - it feels like my whole music library has been released from its chains. …