• The Landmark 100 : The Last Push Towards Fame (15th May)

    15 May 2010, 20:10 de HumanRejection


    This is the first incarnation of the Under 100 Listeners Magazine, part of a sequel of weekly magazines starting and ending on a Saturday. They will appear in different sections of the magazine. This part is The Landmark 100 where all the artists below are nearly to the point of achieving the highest goal at Under 100 Listeners.

    The Last Push Towards Fame
    The artists below have either got above 70 listeners or are HR's favourites to overcome the 100 landmark by being in the edition. The artists are playable by and this magazine will encourage more listeners in, to the known artists below being connected across All artists are connected with these artists below in either music or via tags. So listen and comment below on what you thought of them. I will edit and do the same with the ones I think are the ones to look out for in the future.

    Anton Oosterwijk
    Blues for spacegirl
    Brian Scroggins