• new era, new album

    6 Dic 2009, 4:30 de shnickyfan

    so go figure, im back with a new journal entry cus Where We Are has been out for a week now. and as a fan, its my duty to write a review!

    so ive been playing this album pretty much on repeat for the past week. and unfortunately, im already down to only 4 songs on repeat.
    i know, i know... some ppl may say listening to an album like that will kill it for me. but thats just how i am with music. if i can't listen to it on repeat, its not good enough for me. i still listen to most their past albums (well.. minus a few selected tracks) on repeat (and shuffle =P). thats just how awesome i find Westlife's music to be.

    so after a full year break, Westlife's Where We Are still isn't the quality awesome comeback album i'm waiting for. first off... their first single is What About Now. seriously? SERIOUSLY? OH C'MON.. another cover? lets take a look at their history shall we?

    Swear It Again - original, #1
    If I Let You Go - original, #1
    Flying Without Wings - original, #1
  • music in my life these past few weeks

    23 Dic 2005, 22:24 de shnickyfan

    not much good new stuff the past few weeks. especially in the UK charts. can i say i'm am DISAPPOINTED in it?

    Nizlopi at #1? its one of the worse songs i've ever heard! the video is alright but as a song, its CRAP. now i know, you're probably thinking "just cus Nizlopi took Westlife's #1 spot and they got #2"

    well... not true. infact, i dont think Westlife deserves top 5 even with a song like that. not only the song, but the single itself SUCKS. i mean, what's the B-Sides? acoustic version of If I Let You Go and White Christmas and white christmas was released in other countries as the B-Side to the Smile single which i already own. now, if they put the video on the single, add a NEW b-side song, then more fans would buy it. but nope they didnt. MANY fans dislike When You Tell Me That You Love Me and to do a duet with Diana Ross hoping her name will get them a #1??? no way. NO WAY.

    these 2 songs have got to be the worse songs to be top 2. ever. i'm also disappointed in Crazy Frog's jingle bells. …