• Favorite Westlife lyrics

    3 Nov 2010, 2:53 de Mudvaynized

    I am bored, so I'm gonna put together a compilation of my favorite lyrics from Westlife (Covers not included).

    And all I've been doing is protecting
    a lie for the sake of my pride
    While all the others had me thinking
    straight to the point of what I'm feeling, oh
    We could be more than just amazing

    And I often wonder why
    someone as flawed as I
    deserve to be as happy as you make me

    Now, anyone who's ever felt the touch of heaven in their lives
    will know the way I'm feeling, looking in my baby's eyes
    That's why I can't bear to be
    too far away
    I know that God must love me cause
    he sent you to me
    Angel's Wings

    -insert entire song here-
    Another World

    So don't wake me up, don't let me down
    My heart beats for love, and love lifts me higher
    Right into the clouds, I'm flying so high
    With tears in my eyes
    And I have never, ever
    felt this alive
    Beautiful Tonight

    All things come to those who wait
    Sometimes they just come too late

    Why do you always hide
  • My favourite song from westlife

    26 Dic 2005, 6:06 de melop

    I've been an old westlife fan. Their songs are generally great for me. But if you make me to choose a fav, I go for the song with this Spanish name "Soledad" (lonely).

    Coast to coast was my first Westlife CD, and I was thinking of My Love when I insert the CD. It was good as expected, and then I played through the CD one after another. Suddenly, a breathtaking guitar hit in, I felt I was in love with the song at once even before Shane sung "If only you could see..."(of course, when he did, I loved the song much more).