• James Taylor and His Band of Legends at the Bell Centre, Montreal

    7 Jul 2008, 20:28 de Eclectic-G

    James Taylor and His Band of Legends

    James Taylor's last visit to Montreal was in 1997, and it was with a friendly "Hi, how've you been? It's been too long." that he addressed the 8600 in the audience at the Bell Centre.

    Taylor seems to enjoy playing in Montreal, if only as it gives him the opportunity to bring out his French. Mixing his banter with English and French, translating the title of Why Baby Why as "Pourquoi bébé pourquoi", translating some jokes and teasing the audience in French, he won over his audience quickly.

    The concert was part of his summer tour to support his up-coming covers album, apparently to be called Once Again called Covers. It was the first in a series of concerts in a cross-Canada tour, and was officially part of the Montreal International Jazz Festival.

    Taylor was surrounded by his "Band of Legends", eleven singers and musicians in all, some of whom have accompanied him for years.