• Anger, chapter two

    26 Dic 2010, 23:11 de SimiArbeit

    Like this world wasn't already vile enough a place, the hardcore punk outfit Turkka have decided to put out a live recording. Lohja EP was recorded last August at Sikofest. No, listening to the record doesn't make up for your absence from the actual event, but if you were there, you can cherish the moments of pain you went through with the rest of the audience (all of whom are listed on the CD inlay).
  • Two new releases from Siko Records

    27 Dic 2009, 19:00 de SimiArbeit

    Sækkler auv fæstsjungst is the debut album by Holgeir, the weird arse beatboxer who used to be in The Organdicks. The CD-r version comes with a hand-embroidered bag to cover the hand-printed lino cut artwork. The item is highly collectable, but of course you can download the music for free, if you don't need the crap around it.

    Supertaide EP by Turkka is possibly the very best thing Siko Records has put out so far: twentyseven fusion-tinted hardcore punk bursts in a little less than twelve minutes. Phew. As always, there is a limited edition of CD-r's available and an unlimited edition of free downloands. The physical copy includes lyrics for all of the tracks, as well as some pretty nifty artwork.

    Both releases can be bought through Of course, they are also available as free downloads here on and somewhere else as well.