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    15 Jun 2009, 14:24 de Deathriderdoom

    The following is a list of my initial album reviews on (as of posting) there should be 4 more by tomorrow. I will update this list periodically as i write new reviews. ALMOST ALL REVIEWS will be on rare, unreviewed material "Virgins" and almost all will be on classic heavy/speed/thrash metal. If this sounds like your cup o tea, then check em out. perhaps youll be inspired to join up and write some of your own. feel free to post feedback here. Metal Thunder!

    Below this list are my newest reviews, updated as they are written (usually), anyway to start things off:

    Review(s) submitted by DeathRiderDoom

    Abraxas (Deu) - Shattered by a Terrible Prediction "Promising, But Rough with Shoddy Vocals" - 63%
    Alien (USA) - Cosmic Fantasy "Lost in Space?" - 63%
    Anvil - Forged in Fire "The Anvil Was Forged In Fi-iiiiiiiiiire!" - 80%
    Anvil - School Love "Let Down By Lame B-Side" - 70%
    Apollo Ra - Demo 1989 "Technical Power Metal Brilliance" - 81%