• The Recommendations Game Rides Again

    21 Dic 2005, 11:08 de nooshie

    I've converted to a new computer and now have RSS feeds of all my favourite music blogs set up (about 30 blogs at last count). I'm having trouble keeping up with them all, but it's definitely fun trying.

    Today I discovered a new band (thanks toYou Ain't No Picasso) and thought I'd share the fun.

    The last time I played this game I got a few replies, and learned about a few new bands from it (eg. The High Dials thanks dullurd (why don't they have an easy way to link to user pages?), so I'd love it if anyone who reads this does the same thing back. Leave a comment and I'll come check out your recommendations.

    In order to get this up on people's recommendations page, this week my top 5 artists were Harvey Danger, Sloan, The Faint, Spoon and The Strokes (I have to say, I'm liking the new album. I heard so many bad things about it, but sounds pretty good to me).

    Scrolling through my Top Artists list, here are some bands that have less than 2000 listeners on last. …