• [100] The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Are You Experienced (1967)

    11 Mar 2009, 23:16 de Llorenza

    The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceAre You Experienced

    If you're looking for an overestimated nitwit with an ego as big as the moon who thinks he can play guitar but actually doesn't even come close to my grandmother AND her cat, then this is the place to get it!

    .... NOT!

    Haha, it's Jimi Hendrix, so what you expect is what you get: some extremely unearthly guitar playing, some charisma as big as the moon and a particular voice. Voilà! This is his debut, and it is great. Just two remarks:
    1. The music is great, the sound quality isn't. It makes you wonder what this music would sound like had it been recorded in a more decent (and probably more expensive?) way. It's a shame the quality of the songs and the guitar playing is lost a little because of this. Just because of this I found myself not liking the album as much as I had expected. But then again, my expectations weren't that realistic anyway.
    2. It's a shame the best songs on this album are the songs that are not on this album (but on the American version of the record…