• The past 12 months, top 50.

    9 Nov 2010, 1:40 de angieslaughter

    1. What's your favorite song by 15? (Defeater)
    I'm gonna have to say, at the moment, Beggin' in the Slums

    2. How did you get into 20? (I don't have a 20!)

    3. Who is your favorite member in 1? (Saves The Day)
    I'd say Dave just so I don't pick the front man.. but he's not in the band anymore, so Chris!

    4. What’s your favorite lyric bit by 29? (Bright Eyes)
    Basically, the WHOLE song "Happy BIrthday To Me (feb 15tth)
    "And I'm sorry about the phone call and waking you..I know that it is late. But thank you for talking, because I needed to. Some things just can't wait."

    5. Have you ever seen 22 live? (Gold Kids)
    Nope! They're from Italy, I believe

    6. What's your favorite album from 10? (Copeland)
    Eat, Sleep, Repeat

    7. Do you own any merchandise from 3? (Brand New)
    Just CD's.. I want this hoodie but it's out of print, and stock I think? I need the fight off your demons shirt SO bad. This is my favourite band.. why don't I have merch? wtf.

  • Best of 2009

    3 Dic 2009, 16:51 de QuietThings430