• The Fringe

    9 Jun 2006, 2:14 de tstarkmi

    Sometimes artists use fringy sounds to their advantage, and sometime they just can't pull it off. I'm referring to 'cricket clicks', 'hinge sounds', and other out-of-norm techniques that make the music 'different'.

    Here's a few songs that I think are quite unique from most of the other stuff that's out there. And I like them!

    Just a Thought... wicked percussion mix, wicked! RJD2 and Prefuse got nothing on these boys. Find a song with a better percussion mix, I want to hear it!

    Dead Finks Don't Talk... this song is a bit older, and a lot of Eno's stuff could probably go here... but the weird voice squawking 'oh no!' through much of the song is just neato.

    The Way Things Go... this track isn't that weird, really... the group uses some nice off-beat percussives and dripping sounds to great effect. Verry nice.

    Pieces Froides - Air A Faire... this is the first classical music piece to make my journal... if you like dark ambient or dissonant chill music, you've gotta check this dude out. …