• albums that have stood up to the most listenings part1

    24 Sep 2007, 3:16 de portraitofsound

    I'm really bad at these all time favorite albums list because the qualifying terms for such a decision are constantly changing... here's one way I can think of to do it: these are albums that I've listened to all the way through more times than most other albums and still sound great when I hear them. That means that some of these are records that I played all the time when I was significantly younger sooo... here goes:

    (no particular order)
    ((warning: I have a feeling this is gonna ramble...))

    Kid A This record seriously blew my mind when I first heard it.. I hadn't listened to any leaks, was obsessed with OK COMPUTER since it came out and bought it on the way home from a play rehearsal. Once I put those headphones on, my ears would never be the same... I don't really enjoy OK COMPUTER all that much anymore except for a Nostalgia factor, but this record still sounds great to me.

    Automatic for the PeopleFor me, the appeal of this album started out with the appearance of Try Not